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HONK HONK rattle rattle CRASH beep beep … This song among others is stuck in my head as we drive full speed into the middle of a month learning about transportation.  This week Adventure Academy has been busy using “On the Road” activities from Mother Goose Time.  Adventure Academy uses many different curriculums to meet the needs of all the kids we work with, but all the kids seem to love what comes in the Mother Goose Time box each month.  From infants to elementary school students we find ways simplify and expand the lessons.


MGT Racecar Matching


Car and Truck crafts from MGT

Since most of my kids are boys this unit is a big hit! I’m sure there are many lil’ girls who love the theme as well, but sometimes we can have 8 boys at once all playing cars together, so starting off the week with car work was an easy transition from play time to school time.  Sometimes we all work together on an activity, sometimes we separate into groups and sometimes I work one-on-one with a child.  During some activities I use all 3 ways!  With the “Racecar Matching” little ones matched colors, while older ones worked on the letters. While making “Parking Cars” little ones worked on colors, middle kids on shapes and older ones on numbers and adding and subtracting and well that game lasted all week in different ways!


MGT:Drive the truck packages to the right letter house


Wheels and Ramps from MGT

We talked about when a car vs a truck is the best mode of transportation and again simplified and expanded the Delivery Truck game to teach basic skills.  The favorite activity from truck day was experimenting with wheels and ramps… the experiment continued the next day with rolling all sorts of materials during bike day. The experiment got a bit outta control when we added rolling and wheels and ramps to our stop and go games on foot day!


MGT shoe lacing. We kept the shoe outlines for tracing & hoping games


MGT racetrack game

During foot day we worked on a tie-the-shoe craft that gave me a great chance to observe fine motor skills.  Many of our crafts and games lead to small motor development, but watching children try and lace shoes gives you time to step back and assess skills beyond coloring, gluing or using scissors. Both fine and gross motor activities were implemented this week through crafts, games and sensory play with transportation materials, toys and our imagination – which led to animal transportation… which animals use land, water and sky to move, which use a combination? Ducks use all 3 and we enjoyed watching a flock flying south during an outdoor adventure on bikes – which magically turned into speed boats and rocket ships and all forms of travel!



As fall transitions into winter we observed the travel of leaves through the air and with our rakes.  We discussed how rakes and other tools help us move things.  Pretty soon we’ll be using those handy shovels to move snow! Adventure Academy is re-structuring it’s schedule for winter activities and we are excited about the new friends who enrolled for our next semester.  We have no more full time spaces available, but if your seeking child care or tutoring services we do have some random day, evening and weekend spots available.  Please email for more information.  For more information about Mi Families (“my families”) search the rest of THIS WEBSITE. Mi Families provides programs for families and those who work with families.  Parents and Providers enjoy our “education through recreation” programs for children and workshops and trainings for themselves. They have also said they have enjoy networking through our social media sites.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc… You can find me, Christi Morgan (the Director) on Linked IN and if you are curious about what else me, my family or our programs are up to please subscribe to these articles up on the right side of this page.  THANKS for reading this article and let us know in the comments below what other topics you’d like to see us ramble about!



P.S. Many of the pics posted showcase MGT materials.  CLICK HERE to order MOTHER GOOSE TIME.  They are now taking orders for next months theme of “Sights and Sounds of Winter.”

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