Winter sounds like…


weird weather in december = no snowpants

“Winter sounds like wind.”  “Winter sounds like Christmas songs.” “It is not ‘beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ though.” This is how the conversation led into “What happened to the snow?” “Is it spring now?” “Listen to the birds!” Listen to the kids observations.  They see and hear so much more than adults.  Many adults are posting thankful thoughts for the weirdly-warm-weather, while kids are questioning how it affects the reason for the season (beyond holidays).  Kids are noticing it will affect even next years crops, which will affect us and the animals food supply.  Although it’s nice to see a deer eating in the yard one child asked if that meant the bears are still out eating too, instead of sleeping.  The weather affects all living things and the cycle of life.


deer head band


animal tracks


“1st snow” bk and craft (through mud, water, grass & snow)

This week at Adventure Academy the children enjoyed a unit on the “Sights & Sounds Found Outdoors” from Mother Goose Time.  The week started with animal tracking and exploring muddy animal tracks instead of snow tracks as intended.  The children were engaged during outdoor adventures, board games and creating reindeer headbands.  Inside and outdoors there were many discussions showing how observant the children are about animals, nature and the changing of seasons.


animal track board game


when not ready to use dropper = spoon art


ice dropping (then shook to make ice drips)


We observed how rain water froze at night when temps dropped, then melted during the day – and used the water and ice for science related activities.  Such activities led into discussions of how important water is and the pros and cons of the weather changes for people and animals.  We talked about the ways animals use migration, hibernation and adaptation during the weather changes.  We talked about animals that might enjoy the winter weather more and nocturnal animals that enjoy the fact that days are shorter and nights are longer… Such as owls. Owl day gave lots of opportunity for building basic skills while using our senses to hunt for shapes and colors.


ice fishing experiment


owl painting with ice



We continued to use our senses all week long, but like last week the main sense was using our ears to hear the sounds of winter.  From animal sounds to music sounds we worked on quieting our own sounds to listen to the world around us.  We listened to the different sounds of different instruments and the different voices birds make.  We played “winter charades” using sounds with actions and acted out stories about animals and musicians. Our days continue to be filled with noise, but if adults listen to the noise of the children they will hear that it is the noise of playing out what the students are learning.  Some adults will be stopping in to observe the children learning through play this week, as Adventure Academy continues to model a developmentally appropriate program.  Although our program has no current full time openings there are still a couple part time spaces available if you’d like your child to join the adventure.


pattern planning


water bells


jingle bells

If you have any questions about Adventure Academy or other programs that Mi Families facilitates for parents or providers please explore OUR WEBSITE.  If you have any questions about the Mother Goose Time curriculum check out their website HERE.  Most of our pictures showcase this curriculum in use.  We use a variety of curriculums to meet the diverse learning needs of toddlers through elementary age students.  If you have questions regarding curriculum options for your child or students please email  If you’d like to network with our director, Christi, or with other providers or parents check us out on LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest… As we continue to grow – we are reaching farther with resources online and in person for families and those who work with families. Let us know if there are any resources you need.


bird watching art

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