Sense of sound

Our last article shared how LOUD our transportation theme got, but couldn’t predict the noise of “Orchestra” week! I’m sure anyone who has or works with kids can imagine though  –  the joyous noise created by exploring the sounds of music.


Transitioning from transportation to winter theme using snow shoes from last years MGT kit


Decorating our “Drum Props.” used lil’ goose plan drum idea for tots and shaker prop for older students

Throughout the week we had a dozen toddlers to ten-year-olds visit Adventure Academy.  Monday, Wednesday, Fridays have become a day of all age ranges, where Tuesdays are tots only and Thursdays are elementary ages.  This makes lesson planning interesting when your trying to make sure all children get the benefits of all curriculums offered.  One of the curriculums we utilize is Mother Goose Time.  All ages were excited to open this months “Sights and Sounds of Winter” box and predict what activities would be included.  Many students guessed instruments would be included in the unit.


Inspecting the MGT winter poster


Warning the MGT kazoos work and kids love them 😉

Instruments are a fun topic during the holiday season as we immerse ourselves into Christmas music and songs about snow – which seems to have melted across most of the area! The excitement for the season is not melting with the snow – it’s only growing with energy and jingle bells. Jingle bells, cymbals, drums…  We found the pattern in different beats playing along with holiday favorites and making our own music.


Secret harmonica concert for a tot and some stuffed animals


MGT day 3 journals – all stages try their best (click for detail)

We took deeeeep breaths and practice woodwind and horn skills and noted how our bodies help us make loud and quiet noises and where certain noises are appropriate…. The library might not be the best place to hold our rock concert.


MGT musician matching game


This months MGT storybook

String instruments were voted the students favorites – especially electric guitars.  (So bummed my pics of the violin craft and piano keys game disappeared – they were really cute!) From pianos to singing to everything in between it was a very busy and very loud week, which could easily continue all month long, but we’ll continue to transition onto our other senses AND the sense wonder for the season we’re in.


Sounds of the season include Christmas wish lists and wrapping noises


Sounds of the season also include the sounds of colds – trying to avoid the seasonal germ spread by teaching health-ful hints and playing dr

To see how we’re connecting our senses to the season subscribe above.  Adventure Academy is currently full, but may have openings after the New Year if your interested in enrolling a child for future adventures! This education through recreation program is one of many programs for children and their families provided by Mi Families.  Learn more about Mi Families HERE.  Network with other families, parents and providers on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Find more resources on our Pinterest page and YouTube channel.  Learn more about our Director (Christi Morgan) on Linked In.  Feel free to email Christi@MiFamilies with any questions you have about how we reach out with resources.

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