Wonderful Water


I meant to write over the past couple days, but my family kept me busy for Mothers day weekend.


Last week kids in our programs were busy making mothers day gifts and finding ways to thank their mom’s and the special ladies in their lives.


Last week we also were busy thanking Mother Nature and finding ways to take care of the natural resources around us.


We finished our eARTh ART projects and began our transition to Water World activities.  Starting with the importance of water – for drinking, washing, growing flowers…


ALL of our programs last week started planting projects.  We planted during provider trainings, parent workshops, tot to teen classes…


Even my own kids started our garden at our home-based location.  They picked seeds, researched soil, learned about garden critters…


We learned about the importance of some critters being in the garden and keeping some, like bunnies, out of the garden.


We reused some past Mother Goose Time curriculum supplies in our home and school projects, to help us transition themes.


Last month MGT’s Bees and Butterflies is currently transitioning to this months “Bubbles, Boats, and Floats” theme.


After learning how bees help the flowers and flowers help the earth – we learned other ways to help flowers, such as watering them.


We also learned ways to help the earth by reusing old supplies and materials in new ways. We talked about reusing, reducing, recycling – and conserving resources.


We talked about ways to conserve water and why rainy days are good for the earth.  We also talked about looking for rainbows on rainy days.


Often before doing projects in classrooms I enlist help from my own kids to help with lesson planning and try out proposed crafts.


My 2 1/2 year old LOVED making the rainbow from our MGT supplies.  She loves any reason to practice her cutting and gluing skills.


After cutting the pieces she glued them into place and got her hands reallllllly sticky! She decided she doesn’t like cotton stuck to her hands.


She loved the final project through and will help teach the other preschoolers how to assemble it in our PLAYschool class later this week.


In PLAYschool, Art Smart, and other classes and tutoring programs – we use MGT and other top rated curriculums in various ways.


We often do crafts, play outside, and explore sensory tables in our programs so please dress accordingly for our “education through recreation” activities.


If you would like to learn more about our activities and programs please visit www.MiFamilies com or email me at Christi@MiFamilies.com

This week we’ll continue learning about the wonderful world of water  –  as we make bubbles washing while we do our spring cleaning – and transition into other water activities and water life (Using the MGT curriculum).

If you’d like to learn more about the Mother Goose Time curriculum in video/photos CLICK HERE!


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