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How’s your summer going? Are your kids staying busy or startin’ to get bored? Are your kids keeping toooo busy or do they have a nice balance between activities and rest times? Are activities balanced between motion movers and brain builders? Yes it’s summer – but it’s really important to do brain builder activities and not let your kids brains melt over summer months.


(from our Brain Builders event)

It’s also important to turn off that tv and get active with motion mover activities so kids can rest.  Kids need lotsa rest since their schedules are off during the summer and they are up late with the sunshine.  At a recent parent gathering the discussion led to how their kids were “outta control” during the summer … The group encouraged each other to structure their days with activities and rest times and reported back that their kids were easier to manage and happier. The group also decided to keep meeting and discuss ideas to keep things running smoothly for the rest of the summer.  The parents found that meeting up and encouraging each other was keeping them happier as well! So part of their summer structure now includes scheduled meet ups.  Mi Families has meet ups throughout the summer you may want to schedule for your family.


Mini camps were designed after parents expressed desire to participate in events that were not long term commitments or too costly. Mini camps meet at local parks and community buildings at different days of the week and different times of days to offer activities, crafts & snacks that follow a themed focus.  So far this summer 37 children and 19 adults have enjoyed “Brain Builders” – construction zone, “Critter Camp” – educational exploration, “Nature Rocks” – scavenger hunt, “Transportation Station” – on the go adventure, and “Splish Splash” – beach bash…


(from our beach-bash)

This week we are going to learn about space and sky at “Up Up & Away” – 10am, Thursday the 18 @ Good Works Collective in TC.  You are invited! We hope your family (or childcare group) can join us for “outta this world” fun with friends.  Mini camps encourage making friends, making a mess and make believing with your family.  If you can’t make our scheduled sessions – but would like to develop sessions for your group contact Christi Morgan. Christi Morgan is available to develop workshops for families, parents and providers who would like more information on various topics such as starting playgroups, creating family nights, developing team-builders, learning more about scheduling routines or making curriculums.  Christi has written articles on such topics and has a team of parents and providers wanting to share ideas and resources … Want more ideas for summer adventures or listings of playgroups in your area? Looking for child care contacts or trying to figure out your child’s educational plan for the fall? Need child development knowledge or special education assistance? Mi Families programs are growing and so are their resources… From kids in the kitchen tutorials to family photo tips, from budgeting tools to chore charts… Just let us know what your looking for! Your voice is important. Please feel free to post a comment below, message our director and subscribe to the right by adding your email address. Also follow us on Pinterest and Twitter, “like” our Facebook page, check out our YouTube channel… Thanks for your support! Your support helps us provide more resources 🙂

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