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Since our last post a few parents and providers have contacted us wanting to know more about Mi Families – history and services.  We are often asked “what other trainings to do you do” and our answer is – if we can find someone who is knowledgeable about the subject you’re inquiring about – we’ll do events, trainings, workshops … on whatever – as long as it pertains to the youth/families you work with.  Also, the purpose of all programs must follow our mission: …encouraging parents and providers to share resources, time and ideas with other families…  MiFamilies_Logo

Mi families has provided programs such as health and safety awareness: including First Aid &CPR, substance abuse, domestic violence, child welfare, SIDS… We have covered diverse parent / provider topics such as POINT, child development, strengthening families, 123 Magic, LOVE&LOGIC … We have enjoyed working with individual families (through Child and Family Services), parenting groups (such as the Mom’s Club), home providers (through Child Care Connections), daycare centers, churches… We have addressed issues pertaining to homes and within the greater community, working with all ages from prenatal care -to connecting with teens to- dealing with the death of grandparents… If there’s a topic you want us to cover – challenge us to bring the information to you, your family or your group. Hands_PT

Although we work with parents (guardians and all forms), as well as providers (teachers, caregivers, youth leaders…) – Mi Families started off as “Kids Kingdom” – a venue of 24hr services for kids.  Providing care and tutoring services for infants thru teens.  Kids Kingdom morphed into Mi Families when services for those caring for the kids were requested.  HOWEVER we still offer youth programs.  The difference is that we no longer provider childcare.  Since our focus is family/community all programs are with parents/providers encouraging adults to participate with the kids and pass on the resources.  Our recreational and educational programs are designed for hands on learning during year round playgroups, summer mini-camps and through our new Mi School programs.












So now people are asking “what’s this new Mi School program?” Mi School offers learning for ALL ages through tutoring, coop opportunities and fieldtrips … and an open curriculum for tots thru teens.  At this time our coop and playgroups are in the Traverse City area, but we are available for consultation, trainings and workshops on all of our services across the state of Michigan.  As homeschooling continues to grow in our state we hope to see more families look into programs such as Mi Families for social outlets and learning resources.  Families with the littlest learners can even join in the adventures.  With our educational and recreational focus we don’t push “readiness” but rather a love for a LIFETIME of learning.


Learning doesn’t start when a child hits the kindergarten age requirement – nor does it end with their diploma.  Learning starts before a child is even born and throughout their lifetime should never end.  Mi Families encourages all ages, genders… those from all cultures, religions, race… no matter their needs, challenges, gifts, or talents…  everyone in your family (or program) is a part of Mi Families.  We are here to individualize your child’s education, goals for your home, success for your program… Contact us today!

Learning Links is a connection to educational sites … looking for basic child development info? Check out this child development link.

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