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12512645_10156882624005381_7419783085084246811_nA beautiful picture is growing in front of us as we look out the windows at Adventure Academy.  Spring has finally found Northern Michigan! As the last of our snow piles melt green grass grows in it’s place.  Anticipating trees with leaves and flowers blooming … seeing birds return, bugs crawl and bumble bees … Even if bees have stingers we decided they were a part of the spring portrait that will be completed soon. Noting signs of spring and finding the beauty around us is part of art appreciation.  Art is not only drawings and paintings, but sculptures and drama and music and … the world is full of art! Since Adventure Academy is all about exploring the world we took some time to explore art this week.



Art makes us smart.  Our students use many different curriculums to build up their smarts, such as Mother Goose Time.  Although MGT is developed for the preschool stages it is adaptable for younger and older children.  All ages enjoy the arts and crafts that come in the monthly kits.  If you look back at the different themes we’ve enjoyed you’ll see some cute art activities as well as learning materials provided in each kit.  Each kit uses a different theme to teach basic skills.  From letters to numbers to shapes to colors to worldly concepts – each box contains daily bags which includes crafts, games, books and more! This months supplies are all around the theme of Bees and Butterflies.




This was our 2nd week investigating bees.  Investigating the bees helped us discuss fears of being stung before the bees arrive.  Discussing signs of spring, what we’re anticipating and fearing helps us plan ahead.  Roll playing spring activities prepares us for upcoming sports and adventures.  One adventure we are preparing for is a growth hunt – looking for signs of things growing – including ourselves and our friends.  With the director expecting a baby this summer everyone is curious about the growing belly and the development of babies.  Playing with baby dolls and playing make-believe in other ways is a form of art.  Dramatic play is preparing for drama.  Often our drama includes music – another form of art!




Music is a form of expression and learning tool for our daycare and tutor time kids.  We use music to teach different skills, memorize facts, and get out energy. Mother Goose Time offers a fun music and dance program with each theme.  Most themes we follow the lesson plans and daily bags as designed, but sometimes we do them out of order or add our own ideas.  From dance moves with our Dance-n-beats, to books related to the theme, to creating new project ideas… We incorporate the theme into our hands-on-learning, which often produces masterpieces showing off each child’s new skills.  Masterpieces may be works of art parents can take home, but more often than not it’s a work in progress.  A masterpiece viewed during activities such as music and dramatic play.




If you know a child who would love to learn through play and other hands on activities email  We have a couple part time child care and tutor time spaces available this spring.  We are even starting to schedule our fall students! We are also scheduling our fall workshops and trainings for parents and providers.  If your a parent or provider who’d like to know more about our programs visit  If you would like to network with other parents and providers follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter… If you’d like ideas for your home or center check out our Pinterest boards. If you’d like to see curriculums (like Mother Goose Time) in action check out our YouTube channel. If you’d like to see what activities and adventures we do next – subscribe above!

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