You’re a piece to our puzzle


puppets = a piece to our story

Each and every child at Adventure Academy is an important piece to our puzzle.  A puzzle is something that “tests ingenuity or knowledge” and we gain more knowledge – together! When a child misses a session we miss them! We still have sessions with missing piece spots available – would your child like to join us for child care on Mondays or for Tutoring on Tuesdays or Thursdays? We also have some drop in spaces available over weekends.  Our small group sessions individualize learning for tots to teen students.  Each child learns different and shares their knowledge in different ways with their peers, making our unique program puzzle complete.


different learning styles – hands on or online

Because our programs fit multi-ages and stages together each piece looks very different from next, making the final picture uniquely beautiful when put together.  A finished puzzle is a work of art and no art piece looks the same.  No artist enjoys the same types of art or uses the same medias or methods.  Some prefer to follow a provided pattern – others like to create their own image.  Not every child learns through “cookie cutter” approaches – in fact most people learn through a combination of their own methods.


What can we build together with these pieces?

People – big and little – learn best when they understand their individual interests, gifts, talents, strengths – and struggles.  Even children with “labels” who feel significant struggles can find ways to learn significant skills when we focus on their growth.  Even though it is snowing as I type this it is technically spring and this spring we are focusing on growth.  Growth of each student and growth we can observe in nature.  We are using the “Bees and Butterflies” curriculum from Mother Goose Time to learn more about such concepts.


beehives and bubble wrap painting

This week we started to observe the few patches of grass where the snow had melted.  We watch impatiently for our world to grow more green, for birds to land on that grass, for flowers to grow in that grass, for bees to visit those flowers.  We discussed the need for all seasons and for all creatures – including bees that many children are frightened by.  We talked about “Bee Basics” from their homes to their foods, babies, work and safety.  We read books, played games, played pretend and made projects.


spring creations

Often I would show students the prepackaged crafting supplies from our Bee-box and ask them if they would like to make what the project presented or what else they could create with the supplies.  Often an older student would use the materials in a certain way and younger students would try and mimic what they were creating.  No creation was wrong.  We encouraged different approaches, praised all efforts and noted when a child felt accomplished – even if that meant they followed a peers example.


lil’ bee journals from MGT

Mother Goose Time provides some great example activities and sometimes our projects are made exactly as recommended, while other times the projects look completely different from the model and even different from each others work.  The different outcomes explain where a child is developmentally, what materials they are comfortable using, what things interest them … Different is not just “ok” – it’s good.  If we all had the same interests, abilities and answers to finishing our “puzzle” – it would be a very boring classroom – a very boring world!


creating weather charts

Adventure Academy will continue exploring our world and each students unique contributions to it throughout spring.  We will be closed for summer vacation and will re-open next fall.  Email if you’d like to enroll your child in our spring sessions or hold your space for fall today! Also email Christi if your interested in facilitating programs for parents and providers through Mi Families other programs.  Adventure Academy is only one of the programs we host.  Check out for more information on who we are and what we do.


MGT circle time fun


“Bee hunt”

Basically Mi Families “my families” reaches out with resources for families and those who work with families – using an education through recreation approach.  We want learning to be fun for all and want all to have resources available to help them thrive.  Resources include having networking opportunities for adults to talk with other parents and providers. To connect with others follow us on Facebook, find us on Twitter, stalk Christi Morgan on LinkedIn, find and share ideas on Pinterest and YouTube… See what we’re up to next by subscribing above.  Next we’re going to explore how ART makes us SMART!

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