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We’re half way through summer vacation, which means we’re half way through our discovery day camp and summer school sessions.  Using fun summer themed activities we’ve been covering all school subjects, yet not one student has complain about having to do the lessons! Toddlers to pre teens have been enjoying hands on learning through water world themes, camping units … and we’re now preparing for “Hero Camp” adventures.  Adventures in learning are year round at Adventure Academy, and each season we offer different programs for our students.




Adventure Academy is the youth services division of Mi Families (“my families”) LLC.  Mi Families facilitates programs for providers, parents and youth across Michigan.  All programs have an “Education through Recreation” style of teaching.  Meaning if we’re training teachers, offering a parent workshop, hosting a family event, or tutoring a young child – we teach through active learning styles.  Our programs utilize top rated curriculums that are engaging and fun for all ages.




Our programs are stage before age defined, so if you visit our discovery day camp this summer you’ll see children of various ages working together on projects.  One curriculum we utilize to make this possible is Mother Goose Time.  This month we’ve been enjoying their Camping theme, where our youngest are introduced to new concepts, vocabulary and sensory activities.  Early education ages (older tots through younger elementary stages) use MGT products as intended and further educated students expand on the lessons.




While little ones play with star shaped materials, preschoolers color star constellations while singing twinkle-twinkle, and older students research about our solar system.  Older students also are going to enjoy a campout together, complete with eating hotdogs and s’mores over a bonfire.  All students are provided with take home materials to extend the learning adventures at home with their families, and provide ideas for family campout activities etc. Mi Families mission is “Reaching out with Resources.”




All programming provides resources intended for participants to share with others.  As we prepare for our fall programs we are organizing such resources, and building bridges with organizations to connect families and providers with further supportive information and networking options.  If you have resources to share with parents (or teachers) feel free to email our director  Also feel free to email Christi if you’d like such resources or would like to participate in our programs.



Visit for updated program information.  Visit for more information on that curriculum.  Many of the pictures posted in this article showcase their teaching supplies.  Mi Families is growing their teacher supplies and resource library.  If you’d like to add materials to our library for review or have questions about products we review contact Christi! We’ll be updating our list of resources and fall programs soon

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