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if sensory sensitive trace hand then let them paint it in

Each child is loved for who they are at Adventure Academy.  Each child is valued for their uniqueness and encouraged to share their gifts, talents and creativity with each other.  Each child comes from a different family dynamic, with different cultural values and different goals and needs …and those different components are a part of who they are.


practicing measurements with solids vs liquids


MGT money math

While continuing to learn about healthy foods we also began learning about how to keep our hearts healthy.  Besides eating well we need to care for who we are and love who we are becoming.  From food groups to healthful hints and safety steps, we learn how to grow up big and strong, but also how to appreciate our bodies and care for our hearts.


cutting = small motor skills, fractions and much more


reading with MGT books

We learn that a caring heart is more important than what someone looks like on the outside or what challenges one might face.  We learn the lesson of being beautiful and healthy on the inside and that growing up and accomplishing milestones is not a race.  This is a lesson that means different things to the toddler learning to navigate their movements and the pre teen navigating developmental changes.


example MGT daily bag supplies: craft, activity, book…


Pizza can have all the food groups!

No matter the developmental stage of the tots to teens that visit our center we focus on skill observation not test taking ability.  We use curriculums such as Mother Goose Time to set up theme related activities and see how they utilize the materials.  Skill level is recorded through work samples and forward progress (no matter how slow) and is achieved with every student.


stories and pictures and so much more when all ages and stages read together


circle time lessons and story boarding fun

Some programs focus on how many grade levels one can jump through in a short amount of time, but research shows that those achievements are often short lived. However, focusing on skill mastery has long term rewards including confidence.  Without emotional growth we’re building heartless robots!


individualizing their valentine boxes


ready for the party

Far from robot responses – even our youngest students join in discussions of what they want to learn about and how to learn new things.  Although a theme is presented the lessons and activities morph as the children shift their interests and abilities.  Topics transition as interests and abilities change.


different adventures – different days = lotsa valentines for lotsa friends

Often topics focus on seasonal and holiday activities that they anxiously await.  Although Valentines day may not be a major holiday it was here, and each child expressed how much they love the idea of a love holiday and a focus on loving each other.  So, much of our week was spent talking about valentines and how to share love with others.


MGT valentine party pack!

One unanimous decision was made that food was a way to anyones heart.  Everyone loves sweet treats, but even more everyone loves the idea of another taking the time to make them something sweet to eat.  So we enjoyed many activities. From measuring and pouring to chopping and stirring, then baking and cooking … we learned how to serve others.


our heart cake! one square = 2 circle halfs

We learned reading skills, math concepts, science and social studies … We learned to work together as a team and that even the kitchen holds an adventure all can participate in.  If you’d like your child to join in our adventures we have some part time spaces available! Email for more information. If you’d like to learn more about Adventure Academy or other programs Mi Families facilitates check out our WEBSITE.  If you’d like to network with our team, other providers or other parents find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc… If you’d like to see what learning adventure we’re on next please subscribe above and thanks for reading this article!


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