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Wow does time fly by quickly when you’re busy!  Sorry it’s been so long since we last posted a blog.  No reason is good enough not to keep up w/ informative articles for you, but the reason is that Mi Families programs have been keeping us so busy that we’ve had to add on partners! You are our most important partner / family member though … so we’ll try and keep sending out resources and ideas more often.  Like the ones shared in last month’s blog – about scheduling learning and fun. Although it’s work to try and schedule both for your kids – many adults admit it’s harder to schedule both for themselves.  Although we prioritize our jobs to pay the bills and our laundry so we don’t stink, when’s the last time you schedule time for yourself to relax, enjoy an old hobby or learn about something new?


printable 8×10

Now is where things get complicated… scheduling fun and learning for your kids, yourself and for your family.  Who has time to do all that? You do, or at least you will when you take the time to make a list.  Your “to-do-list” might look a bit overwhelming, but take a deep – you can do this!


8×10 printable

After you make your to-do-list you need to make a plan of action.  Then you can organize a schedule. Some people start with a daily schedule, but that just leads to frustration of not having enough hours in a day – or days in a week… So work backwards.  Consider each family member (or kid in your program) and their future goals.


1 year printable template

Consider what you want to see accomplished by a years end.  Then make a 12 month plan of accomplishing the said goals and a first months plan of action.  Look at that month plan and schedule your basic week frame and finally your activities for the next day.


printable month with space for kids to draw a picture…


printable week planner

I hope that if this ramble seemed too complicated that these templates help you see that it’s easy and worth the “work.”  Don’t put off the work if you can sit down today and start… Have your kids sit down with you and make a battle plan for being a super team and encouraging each other.





Developing schedules together help kids understand why their family structure is arranged the way it is. It’s helpful for kids to learn that adults can’t always play because of their jobs, but the jobs mean money for the house, food, clothes… vacations and birthday gifts.  It’s helpful for adults to learn that they haveta schedule only the work that needs to get done to pay the bills, but then schedule as much time as possible to relax and enjoy their own time and time with the kids. When schedules are too busy think of ways to combine to-do’s together – share responsibilities, such as chores. Chores give you opportunities to do just that.  We’ll share tips/tools for doing those chores together in our next article.

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