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The Balancing Act, scene 2015, take 43

The last couple articles touched on entitlement and made me consider ways I feel entitled.  After all, it’s not nice to judge and toss my opinions out there if I’m not considering my own actions… so I took an honest

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it’s a SPRING thing

Although our “Swing into Spring” event started with flurries – It was the last of our winter weather (which is good since it’s almost summer)!  No more hats or mittens – but I wouldn’t put away your kids boots –

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Putting FUN in FUNctional

Mi Families (“my families”) facilitates various events and workshops for families (and those who work with families).  One program we host is called “Fun Fam” ~ but all our programs incorporate the “Fun Fam” philosophy.  What does that mean? Well,

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FUNctional FAMilies

After committing to resolutions discussed in the past few articles many families are reporting their homes are happier and healthier! We love hearing about such success stories so feel free to share yours below.  Share your ideas to becoming a

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Proactive and Preventative Parenting

We’ve been dissecting each of the Mi-Resolutions 1by1.  Have you been reading them? Taking the challenges? We are a fourth of the way through 2014 – are you reaching your goals? Our first resolution was to “Tell yourself that you

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Spring into Summer Cleaning

Kids across Michigan have been making their way into summer vacation. For some this means spending time at camps, daycares, with grandma, or sitting at home… Whatever it means for your kids schedule – make sure it means that there’s

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making schedules = reaching goals

Wow does time fly by quickly when you’re busy!  Sorry it’s been so long since we last posted a blog.  No reason is good enough not to keep up w/ informative articles for you, but the reason is that Mi

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Because everyone and everything needs a place in your space…

Working in ginormous Hollywood mansions, to one room Michigan school programs, I’ve noticed chaotic behaviors coming out kids!  Does this mean all kids =chaos? No, because I’ve also worked with kids in such environments and felt calm walking in the

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Ideas and questions are rolling in and its’ hard to pick where to continue, but since a couple parents latched on to the kids taking care of their own belongings – we’ll go that direction. In the LAST BLOG I

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