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Did summer seem to fly by to you? Or linger to long? Did the cold then hot temps and dry then rainy weather make it difficult to plan outings – or were you able to fill your days with summer adventures? If you worked all summer – did you fill days off with family fun activities?


Mi Families team members found a good balance of work and play.  We want to thank everyone that helped us pull off our summer programs or attended them.  Families enjoyed “Brain Builders” and “Critter Camp,” “Nature Rocks” and “Transportation Station,” “Splish Splash,” “UpUP &Away,” “Wild World,” “Kids Kingdom” and “Game On”…   If your group or family has a themed idea – let us know and we’ll try to plan it for future sessions! email our director: Christi@MiFamilies.com with your ideas!


*feel free to ask all resource providers to show you their ID*

Mi Summer’s are packed with opportunities for family fun, but families have stated that such activities  are hard to find during the school year.  With kids of different age groups and in different extra-curricular functions it’s hard to plan forced-family-fun times.  Sooooo Mi Families will continue hosting different events different days/times to try and meet the scheduling needs of each family.  We will be planning playgroups, field-trips and Mi School programming with your input so contact us about what services you are interested in and your availability. Let us know soon – because our fall schedule starts next week! Can you believe it’s already back2school season? Are your kids getting their sleep patterns ready to wake up early again? If your homeschooling do you have your kids get up early or do you have them on a later schedule? We are interested in learning about your families schedules so we can provide organizational templates in our family resource packages…


Speaking of family resources… Our back to school resource kits were delivered to some of our participating families.  Many of our families are involved with homeschooling and reminded us that sometimes the typical resources aren’t what they are looking for… Sometimes they are teaching on the road so here are some travel resources for families who are on the move… Maybe your family still has time to use the templates over this Labor Day weekend!





Get your kids brains ready for Back2School by taking every opportunity to learn at home and on the road. At Mi School we believe that every kid learns differently so take the time to explore where and how your kid learns best and encourage them to learn and try new things in other places/spaces.  Mi School supports “traditional” schooled families by offering unique tutoring services and encourages homeschooling education through curriculum building and recreational adventures.  We are building curriculum based programs in Traverse City and Kingsley areas and providing recreational field-trips across the state.  Starting in the Detroit area, September 4 (10am) Yates Cider Mill = let fall begin! Click on our Facebook event page to register!


Whenever field trips are planned make sure your kids have ID’s on them with contact information for a parent/provider should they get separated from the group.  Have the same card on the chaperoning adult! … and if you are a homeschool family make sure mom and dad (or providers) make an ID as well = discounts at many locations, stores, ect! Our next article will be filled with more back2school tips/tools so subscribe to us today (scroll up the right side and type in email) to get updates…


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