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Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile – I have a good excuse though – a new baby has taken up a lot of my time! From bed rest from pregnancy complications to bed rest from delivery complications I haven’t been able to do much work for Mi Families.  Luckily Mi Families keeps moving forward and I’ll be able to play catch up soon and prepare for our fall programs.  From parent partnerships to provider trainings, and our Adventure Academy (child care and tutoring services) … the list of activities and events are growing, as is my family tree. I come from a giant family tree filled with more relatives then I can count, and have wonderful memories filled with family traditions and customs.  I pray my children get to have such experiences and hope they feel a sense of pride while learning about their family heritage.  I also pray my children grow up respecting others heritage.  Recent news reminds me to teach my children acceptance and encourage their loving hearts.


I am blessed with loving children.  From the moment we told our boys we were having another baby they were in love with this baby.  I was nervous to tell them as we had lost 6 babies through miscarriages, but my husband wanted to tell the world! We were told we couldn’t have more children a few years ago, but after seeing that heartbeat we knew the doctors were wrong.  Still, the doctors were right that it wouldn’t be an easy pregnancy.  For months I had issues with fevers and fainting, blood clots … I had to see specialists weekly, was put on bed rest, and I wasn’t “glowing,” but I loved feeling her grow and move and knew it’d be worth it.  Despite pregnancy complications and insurance issues and other stresses I knew it’d be worth it.  Despite suggestions that this should be our last pregnancy because of pregnancy complications – then delivery complications taking away even the option of conceiving again – it’s worth it.


As a child I played “house” constantly.  I was planning to grow up to be the “lil’ old lady who lived in the shoe…” the one with so many children “she didn’t know what to do.”  I loved caring for children and started working in classrooms and babysitting at a young age.  I wanted a large family with lotsa kids.  Since I work with kids I was ok with the fact we’d only have our two boys – I enjoyed working with extra little ones all day then enjoyed the fact that my boys were getting bigger and we could focus on bigger kid adventures as a family.  I enjoyed the fact my boys would stay up late and sleep in and could play outside without me having to monitor each movement.  I enjoyed they could come inside and take their own showers and get their own snacks.  They are growing up quickly – and I miss their baby stage – yet I enjoy watching them grow and become independent – giving me more independence again.  Starting over with a newborn – completely dependent on me – is worth it though.



It’s harder to type a blog wearing a baby.  It’s harder to to find time to eat, sleep…even use the bathroom…but it’s worth it.  She’s the last baby I’ll give birth to.  We have talked about adopting in the future and I’ll always have extra little ones I’ll work with, but she’ll be my baby forever.  I now understand why my parents and siblings still consider me the baby of our family.  With siblings much older they helped raise me – as this baby’s siblings will.  Alex is almost a decade older then she is and Sam is 8 years older.  I hope she finds her over protective brothers as a blessings. I hope she knows how much they love her.  I’ve never seen more loving big brothers, who want to help care for her and helped prepare for her before she was born.  They were involved in as much as they could be during the pregnancy – even helped name her.  Sam picked Makayla as her name.  Alex requested she have 2 middle names, like he does (because and extra name means your extra special).  My husband, Jeff picked Twilight as a middle name and I picked Marian.


Marian is the name of my grandmother, who taught me a great deal about loving your family. We had many names we liked with various meanings and many names from family members we wanted to honor, but Makayla Twilight Marian Morgan is long enough! Makayla is the 16th grandchild for my parents and the 5th grandchild for Jeff’s parents.  She will have memories filled with family and traditions and customs.  She will be taught to have pride in her heritage and respect others heritage.  She will be taught life skills and academics along side her brothers and friends at Adventure Academy. Her brothers are already planning curriculums for how they’ll teach her to read and sing and learn about animals… Currently they are doing a great job teaching her what it means to be a part of this family: lots of hugs and kisses, bedtime stories, family movie nights… they are teaching her that we are there for each other.


I pray all the family’s I work with feel I’m there for them.  Mi Families programs are developed with intent to “reach out with resources” through education and recreation.  More about our programs can be found at  We are also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube… Wether you “like” us on a social media page or send your child to our daycare – your family is a part of our family tree.  Children in our childcare and tutoring programs get the benefit of being part of a family, while growing and learning in a loving home environment.  We have limited full day and part time space available for our fall children’s programs.  Feel free to email for enrollment information.  Fall sessions will begin soon with the theme of “me and my family.”  We will use an assortment of curriculums – such as Mother Goose time to learn about ourselves and loved ones through hands on activities and adventures!



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