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How is your 2015 starting off? Holding true to those resolutions? Statistically the highest percent of resolutions are health based, but almost 90 percent of those goals will fail ~ many by the end of the first month of making them! To increase the possibility of reaching your goals first consider if your plans are realistic then decide if you have allowed enough time to reach it.


(printable 8×10 worksheet)

In many homes families have resolved to lead healthier lives.  What use to be a stereotypical stay-at-home-mom-resolution to lose baby-weight has become a family plan of general health.  Mom’s and dad’s from all positions are considering their lifestyles in different ways and involving their kids.  Teachers are understanding that it’s just as important to teach health as reading and writing.  They’ve even documented proof of how exercise and healthy snacks help kids attention spans and strengthen reading, writing, math, science… and all learning skills!


So why isn’t everyone on the healthy resolution bandwagon? Maybe because some have considered their plans to be unrealistic, too hard to change, too much time involved … and too much money.  In today’s economy it’s important to budget and often that gym membership is just too expensive.  Many look at that 99cent 2-liter of pop (yes “pop” we’re in Michigan!) and debate the expense of milk simply over price (and the fact they can bring that bottle in for another dime!). But sometimes – saving even a penny today adds on expense tomorrow.  We bring in our car for an oil change so we don’t have to pay the big bucks for repairs, yet we don’t go to the doctor for a check-up and often end up with a higher health payment because we didn’t use preventative care. We don’t have dental care so we go when we need a root-canal … the list goes on!


Kids need check-ups and so do adults.  Kids need to move around and eat healthy so they’ll have energy to make it through their day – and lives! Still I see parents and providers not practicing what they are preaching, as they are often sitting on the sidelines at the park and eating a quick fix at their desk instead of making time for real meals.  I have to admit – I’ve been on the sidelines and eat at my desk often – but that’s one of those resolutions I’m making on my healthy goal list.  I’ve made a schedule for meal times and moving times for when I’m home with my boys, but days that dad is on duty and I’m off to work I find myself being a machine that works the hours away munching next to my computer.  Realizing this I’m committing to making my own schedule for meals and moving around on days I’m not at home.  Starting today.


(printable 8×10 worksheet)

Schedule includes breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner that are timed and planned out based on nutrition instead of quick fixes.  Then I’ll follow through by using My Fitness Pal to be accountable.  Not making huge changes but just sticking to a simple plan – like more veggies, more water, less of the candy that the ladies in the office bring in ;)! An easy way to do that is bring my own treats, have a water bottle at my desk and pack a lunch based on last night’s dinner.  Tonight I made porkchops with veggies and copy-cat Red Lobster biscuits.  Now you might say those biscuit’s aren’t very healthy but I modified the recipe in ways including using veggie-shreds instead of regular cheese since my boys can’t have dairy.  I was skeptical, but when my husband and boys ate them up without even a question I thought I’d try one and had two! Yum.  Leftovers are packed for lunch saving me time, money and following my healthy plan. I put my water bottle by my briefcase, along with some healthy snack bars. Score for day ones eating plan.


(printable 8×10 worksheet)

Now for the move more plan.  That’s tough. Past jobs have given me ample opportunity to move, but since I’m often at a desk now I need to plan walking during lunch and doing my workout after work.  But I’m so tired when I get home ~ that all I want to do is relax with my boys, so I’m going to start small and plan to play with them in our basement – which is a gym. Sometimes that means a legit workout, sometimes it means chasing each other in some made up game which results in me being tackled by 2 little boys who are stronger than they look!

indoor gym

Either way we will move – together.  We will eat – together.  We will talk about healthy lifestyle choices together.  Those choice topics will change over time and as they age our family resolutions will morph, but this year we’re starting off simply going and growing together.  We’ll include them in discussions, answer questions and let them offer ideas.  They LOVE coming up with ideas for activities and meals to support healthy living.  Their fave item on the menu is smoothies.  Enjoy this smoothie making video (Sorry it cuts out we were having technical difficulties!).

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Thanks for reading another rambling message from my desk.  I’m going to get up from it now and move and grove like no ones watching!



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