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How many of you are still holding strong to your 2015 resolutions? As mentioned in the last article most plans fail within the first month.  That fact gets many down, so many have already given up, BUT if we’d only realize that mistakes are proof of trying… Remember that saying coined by W.E Hickson “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again?” Then again, Mr W.C Fields said “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no use in being a damn fool about it.” I personally think the answers in the middle.  Quit trying the same way and try a different approach.  “Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date…” It’s only February – the year is still young.  Find your motivation. I hope the motivation is for selfishly for you.


While February fills the air with Valentine thoughts I hear many – young and old – state their resolutions (especially those related to being fit) are for the affections of another.  If only we allowed ourselves to be selfish and desire those goals for ourselves.  To be fit, to be healthy, to learn more, to try new things … just because it would make us happy … This year be your own Valentine.  Give yourself permission to think you are worth it, to take pride in your accomplishments, to strive for more because you deserve it.  “Never be afraid to give yourself all that you want in life ~ you deserve a beautiful life (Trudy Vesotsky)” – you deserve to feel beautiful, to feel loved, to look back and say “I did that! I’m awesome!” Your family, your kids, the kids you work with … they deserve for you to walk around confident and uncomplaining about circumstances and not blaming others for your situation.  They deserve to learn from you how to be awesome and resilient themselves.


Resiliency = confidence = self-esteem.  We want to teach others to be resilient, yet too often people look down on self-esteem as a bad trait.  Self-esteem does not mean one is going to be arrogant or conceited and lack of self-esteem does not mean one is destined to become meek and timid.  Building self-esteem simply means defining a respectful impression of oneself.  That is a goal we should all resolve to have.  A strong sense of self, confidence and belief in yourself … these are the key ingredients for a successful life.  I don’t count ones career or monetary value as the outcome of success.  Success to me is happiness.  It’s finding who are want to be and working towards bettering that person daily, in a way that brings joy to yourself and those around you.  It’s not about comparing your footprints behind another’s journey, but rather paving your own path while allowing others to join your adventure.


What kind of adventure do you desire? Just because I find the idea of jumping out of a plane exciting – doesn’t mean you do.  Just because one of my greatest memories is climbing a mountain doesn’t mean you’ve have that experience, but I’d love to share such experiences and show you the world from a different view.  A view many don’t find the need to see. I hope to teach my children and those I work with the importance of viewing things from a different angle – as only then do you really find your vision and learn what is important to you.  I ask you to start viewing things from a small prespective.  The perspective of child.  When you talk to a child get down to their level.  Understand their point of view.  See what they see.  Why are they acting they way they are? What do they want ~ or need? What are their hopes, their goals? What adventures would they like to take you on?


Because of my boys individual struggles many have limited what adventures they could go on and what goals they could achieve. However, we watched them conquer many obstacles by simply seeing things from their viewpoints and by joining them in activities based on their own talents and interests – outside our own.  We strive to help them find themselves beyond a label of delay or disability and that is the reason I believe they are thriving.  I have no idea what their personal definition of success will be in the end, but I hope they never truly define it. I hope they let their goals continue to change and morph, and let themselves continue to be engaged by learning new things.  I hope they continue to be creative.  I love how they bring us into their creative worlds and show us their interests.  Here they share 2short videos with you sharing such interests:

I love how they strive for independence while decorating their own rooms, helping with chores, doing their homework … I love how they are learning to be responsible for themselves and respectful of others  How they are learning to love themselves and love others! There is no greater Valentines gift for this mom… except maybe seeing how much their dad loves them and this family and how he is instrumental in teaching them to go after goals and dreams AND take those you love along for the adventure.


Hoping you have a month filled with love and adventure! Happy Valentines from our family to yours.  If you love Mi Families please let us know by subscribing to this site and our  YouTube channel …like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, find me on Linked IN… let us know how we can share more love with you by sharing information, resources, tips and tools that your family (or the families you work with) could use.  COMMENT BELOW and be entered to win a family-fun-lovin gift!

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