Summer isn’t over

“No more fun in the sun,” was the saddest sentence I heard the other day.  Instead of being excited to pick out a new backpack a small child looked miserable while school shopping.  The parent was impatient reading over the school supply list and rushed the child to pick between options until the child began to cry. I could describe more about the child and the situation, but the details don’t matter as it happens to many families in many stores during back to school season transitions.  Transitions are tough – especially transitioning from “fun in the sun,” summer schedules, to school structures.



A few years ago transitioning to school routines was our worst time of year.  Every single school morning felt like the first day of school and was filled with anxiety. Our boys were anxious picking out backpacks no matter how patient we were about gathering school supplies or how excited we tried to make their new classes sound. Today are excited about school!  There are still anxious moments about transitions, but we’re getting somewhere.  We’re headed in the right direction by trying to understand our kids individual needs, their struggles, their talents, and their interests.




Just as every student is different, there are different options for schooling.  From public to private to charter – we tried all the options! We watched them struggle in different programs for 3 years before my husband suggested homeschooling.  Because of my background working in schools I thought we’d do the norm, but it just didn’t seem to be the right fit.  I agreed to try homeschooling temporarily, but unpredictable changes hit our home with a job lose, house flood, car crash, and a surprise baby addition to our family… so we continued with homeschooling to avoid more transitions.




We continued homeschooling and continued to watch the boys thrive. They went from surviving to thriving with one-on-one academics and group activities through my childcare, their sports, and our church.  Last year we added a co-op type program to their schedule through the Northern Michigan Homeschool Partnership, which offers a full day of elective classes.  This program is the reason our boys are excited about “back to school” season this year.  They are taking classes like choir, dance, computer programing, outdoor education, seasonal science, art, movie making and cooking… My husband and I are teaching the last 2 classes.




My husband is an award winning film maker who’s also taught kindergarten students through adults movie making.  He’s also teaching a martial arts class and photoshop…while I teach other programs like a parent and me preschool.  There are many classes being offered and many students signing up (we’re over 160 students now)! If you’d like more info about the partnership email me at  Feel free to email me also regarding the other programs I’m developing .  Back to school season means time for me to plan Mi Families fall programs.  Mi Families (“my families”) offers programs to families and those who work with families across Michigan.




Visit for more information on our programs.  Mi Families offers Adventure Academy as a youth program – providing educational child care, developmental services and tutoring for tots to preteens. Elementary Explorers and Discovery Day camps are year round – transition free – learning opportunities.  Believing that “back to school” can still mean “fun in the sun” (or snow) this unique education option offers “education through recreation” activities.  All activities are designed using theme based curriculums that transition smoothly from one subject or season to the next.




Adventure Academy is a perfect schooling option for those who find transitions tough or for little ones who want to try out school.  Hands on learning adventures and hourly scheduling make it the perfect schooling option for kindergarten kiddos who aren’t ready for all day, every day programs.  Individualized academics make it the perfect option for homeschoolers who’d like to learn with a small group of peers.  Adventure Academy is a one-room-schoolhouse option utilizing top rated curriculums.  Curriculums like Mother Goose Time are chosen based on adaptability for multi ages and stages to learn together through fun themes.




As we finish off our Hero Camp theme we don’t feel like summer is over.  We’re still enjoying the summer sun as long as the weather lets us, then we’ll transition to fall fun. This fall some of our students are transitioning to elementary school or moving out of the area so there will be a couple spaces available for new friends to join in our learning adventures. If you live near Kingsley and would like your child to join contact me about enrollment.  More information about this highly rated program can be found through in our HANDBOOK or on our SCHEDULE page.  Information about all our programs can also be found by networking on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube… Find us, like us, join the Mi Families tree


click 2 read Partnership preschool information. Adventure Academy info found on our schedule page

*Many of the pictures in this article showcase Mother Goose Time curriculum materials from their Hero kit! Check back next week as we take a look at next months “back2school” theme and start preparing for fall

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