The power of pretend

Halloween treats led to lessons about healthy “foods from the farm” and the work of farmers, chefs, dentists and doctors to keep us healthy.  Health-ful occupations led to help-ful occupations and jobs of the hero’s that help keep us safe.  Children are curious about the roles of community helpers and gain a sense of security while playing out such roles.



“I spy” mgt poster game

Playing out professions is one reason I leave out “Halloween” costumes year round at Adventure Academy.  Not only can children play out roles they are curious about, but they can “pretend” they are in control of the world around them. Especially during times of chaos children seek out ways to make sense of the world they hear about through the news on TV’s, over the radio, and from peoples discussions.



Fire safety “get out and stay out” lesson

Kids are listening to adult conversations and even seeing images online that can be confusing and frightening.  Often roles of soldiers, police offers, firemen … and superhero’s make appearances in their play. Sometimes they will play the role of the “enemy” in order to sort out their feelings.



painting with fire

Sometimes it is helpful to step back and simply observe their play and ask questions later.  Sometimes it’s helpful to join in their play, but still allow them to be leading the adventure.  Adventures in learning are not always in books, sometimes they are real life adventures.



career journal development progression pic

Adventure Academy believes in learning through educational and recreational adventures.  Onsite and out in the community students explore the world around them and meet others – such as community helpers.  Our older tutor-time students (“elementary explorers”) visited a college this week to talk about classes needed for different careers.



writing with tools

Our younger early-education students in our “Discovery Daycare” learned through play and make-believe, and with the help of the “community helpers” curriculum through Mother Goose Time.  Mother Goose Time’s activities are enjoyed by all in our multi-age programs.



building patterns

Adventure Academy is just one of the programs offered from Mi Families (“my families”) LLC.  Adventure Academy is an child care and tutoring center in a home based environment, which focuses on teaching through children’s strengths and interests.  Make believe adventures are a great teaching tool.


builders = geometry = spacial relations


Make believe adventures can help us teach beyond basic school-readiness skills and help children find their gifts and talents.  Make believe adventures can help encourage students to use their abilities to help serve others as “community helpers.”



Roll playing community helpers can help teach nutrition, health and safety… Playing dress up builds on motor skills, language and communication…. Life skills are often more important then academic skills.  I know some adults who’d benefit from learning communication skills!


Mi Families facilitates programs for families and those who work with families. Check out our webpage to learn more.  Follow us on our social network sites to network with other parents and providers. Subscribe above to see what adventures we’re on next week!




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