Transportation Station



re-using last months MGT puzzle for fine-motor fun


still playing with last months sensory farm fun

The last couple weeks have flown by … or driven by … as we learned about “Things that go” and explored the vehicles used for different forms of travel and different jobs.  We played with school buses and police cars, fire trucks and Blue Angel air-planes.  We traveled toy trains and sang “over the river and through the woods” preparing for holiday travels to family and friends.



After cleaning up the Halloween holiday supplies we jumped into turkey-time activities and focusing on having “Thankful hearts.”  Kids shared what they were thankful for, which led to things they liked and things they’d like to have for Christmas.  Many talked about transportation toys – especially the ones that come with remote-controls.



In our technology driven world I’ve noticed less kids wanting to even push a toy car, when they can use a remote. Besides fear of a lazy generation, more kids are behind in more skills.  Babies are placed in “containers” to sit, swing or bounce – while watching TV.  Less floor time for babies, less open ended toys for toddlers, less imaginative play for preschoolers…



driving cars through paint is fun!

Adventure Academy is a hands on learning adventure for infants through pre-teens.  This past month we’ve been learning about how school helps us discover our interests and strengths which we can later use for our careers.  We talked about how different jobs help our community.  From community helpers to teachers, cooks, and artists – careers help others stay safe, learn, eat and have fun.



We talked about choosing jobs we enjoy.  I enjoy the fact that I used my education and experiences to create a job in the fields I love.  Through Mi Families (“my families”) LLC I am able to work with families and those who work with families.  I’m able to work with providers, parents and children  – including my own children!



Adventure Academy is only one of Mi Families programs.  This Thanksgiving I am reminded of how grateful I am to have a career I love and how thankful I am for the parents who trust me with their children – whether for an hour of tutor time services or a full day of child care.  If your looking for tutoring or child care for your child feel free to email me at



Adventure Academy will have a couple openings in 2017 for tots to teens in our multi age program.  Our lil ones will be starting our winter curriculums from Mother Goose Time soon! Our older students enjoy choosing curriculum options for top rated programs.  Our adult programs are also fun hands on learning adventures! Check out for more information.



Check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc to network, find resources and share ideas.  I’m also on LinkedIn if you’d like more information about me and my background.  Although I don’t like our technically driven world for kids developmental needs – it sure is a great tool to utilize and find out more about the programs your interested in!




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