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Mi Families (“my families”) facilitates various events and workshops for families (and those who work with families).  One program we host is called “Fun Fam” ~ but all our programs incorporate the “Fun Fam” philosophy.  What does that mean? Well, a “Fun Fam” is just what it sounds like – a family that is having fun, enjoying each other… a FUNctional family that works as a team, a fit team that is healthy … and happy.


Becoming a “Fun Fam” family takes work.  Our articles this year have been focusing on Mi-Resolutions (“my resolutions”): to make a schedule, learn more, eat healthy, enjoy exercise and to play.  These 5 pieces work together to turn individuals into fun / FUNctional team members.  Challenge your family to work as a team this spring.  Present the spring cleaning challenge for your home and bodies, where everyone will work together towards a healthy/happy home. See our last BLOG for challenge suggestions or come up with your own as a family (meaning not just the parent deciding goals).


(example spring homeschool schedule)


(printable 8×10 worksheet)


(printable menu)


(printable challenge)

When a child is asked who the head of the household is – or who is in charge – they often have an immediate answer.  … it should be a more complicated answer because everyone should be contributing to the family.  Just because a dad might work for the money or a mom might care for the house and the children ~ it doesn’t make one position more important. Even each child plays a role on your team’s success.  Each team member (guardians, grandparents, blended family members…) is just as important if you want your family to go from surviving to thriving!


(printable template)

Roles can change often, and should as dealing with change is a life skill for kids to learn.  What role does each family member play in your home? How can you assist others in their roles? How can you work better as team? Answer these questions together.  Talk about expectations and team challenges. Take a team photo together (click here for some picture perfect ideas).  Write out your team schedule together, when you’ll have team meetings … work on projects, get organized, do chores, make crafts together! (highlighted words are pin links for ideas)


no matter how young your family tree is                                                                                              … strengthen the branches together

It’s almost Mother’s Day.  Instead of getting another handmade card, ask your kids to work on a craft as a family… instead of getting another flower arrangement– why not plant a garden together? Grow flowers, veggies… make a meal together… go for a hike together and take family photo’s / that team photo! Although mom’s will say that they want a day they are catered to – they will remember more about a day spent together doing activities and making memories as a team.


Sometimes Mother’s Day is filled with memories making it a hard holiday to get through.  Maybe the mom lost a child, or the child lost a mom, or there is an adoption/foster situation that is working out but left with unresolved answers…  Maybe there is one who is still dreaming of becoming a mother… This Mother’s day consider another who might need some extra love and new memories to be made.  Maybe that Mother’s Day craft can be made for another who needs some extra love that day … maybe the gift can be your family spending time with them …  Sometimes days celebrating a parent, grandparent, birthdays, anniversaries … aren’t “happy holidays”. Many adults and children feel pain while others celebrate.  We hope everyone reading this is sensitive to those families.  If your family is one having a difficult time surviving these “holidays” – we hope you find comfort knowing you are not dealing with this alone.  Many of the Mi Families members (and my own personal family) have heartaches during these times and are willing to listen if you want to share.  Feel free to share thoughts below –  and feel encouraged to share with others… your time, your love, your talents.  EVERYONE has talents to share … resources and ideas … even the smallest of our children contribute and encourage others. Even the youngest of our family members are a part of the Mi Families team and we encourage them to spread hope and happiness to all they meet – transforming fun into FUNctional – across all limbs on our family tree.


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