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Most of our local school districts are on Spring Break this week, which means many parents are starting to plan summer break! I’ve been getting lots of requests for summer care and tutoring services, but due to our baby girl’s July due-date Mi Families will be taking a summer vacation.  No worries – Mi Families will facilitate provider trainings, parent workshops, family events, mini camps – and of course Adventure Academy  – again next fall! Until summer vacation we do have a couple spaces available for spring care and tutoring.



Our child care and tutoring services are perfect options for a preschool practice, kindergarten readiness, and tutoring for the end of the year exams.  Our “homework without tears” program works wonders for the struggling elementary student and our curriculum options are treasured by the advanced learners.  Our child care offers lots of hands on learning activities, while strengthening social and emotional development for the younger children in our group.  Our group includes tots to pre-teens who learn and grow together.



Our multi-age 1-room schoolhouse keeps low ratios encouraging group interactions, yet providing individualized education and developmental interactions.  No matter where your child is on the developmental continuum they are a part of the group.  Everyone develops and grows at different speeds, and while older students conquer their goals – young children are exposed to new concepts without the pressure to perform.  While starting our spring themes we’ve been discussing the growth of each child in our program and the growth of nature observed outdoors.



In Northern Michigan we still hit snowy days, but that doesn’t stop us from observing and exploring nature.  This past month we have been comparing our land to that of a desert with the help of Mother Goose Time.  Although the curriculum is designed for preschool stages – older and younger have all enjoyed the theme.  Just as we individualize learning by interests and abilities, we adapt pre-packaged curriculums for all.  As the target audience used the kit as intended the older children used the theme to explore the concepts further.  For example one made a venn-diagram comparing and contrasting a cactus to local plants.


Not much is able to grow yet in local gardens, but we’re seeing daily changes proving spring is near, from plant life to the animal world.  While an older student compared and contrasted local animals to desert life, preschoolers made desert animal crafts and young children enjoyed the stories and sensory play included in the package.  We have a huge resource library to add books and materials to each packaged theme.  Since it was Easter we morphed from the desert to reading “How the Jackrabbit got his very long ears,” which was a story about the “great spirit” creating animals to adapt in the desert.



Jackrabbit led to other Easter bunny activities and we flipped the provided bunny bag craft over to create a goodie bag for the children to take home their Easter treats in.  Easter treats have morphed into healthy treat discussions and the fresh fruits and veggies we’ll soon plant.  Since it’s April Fools Day we read the funny tale of a bunny who tricked a lazy bear into giving him the “Tops and Bottoms” of the produce.  We’ll continue learning about growing gardens and the bees that visit the gardens and caterpillars growing into butterflies and other other spring topics throughout April.



If you’d like to enroll your child for our spring growth activities email Christi@MiFamilies.com. Also feel free to email and request your fall spot reserved for child care, tutoring, or other events / trainings facilitated by Mi Families.  While your planning your summer – we’re already planning out our fall adventures! If you’d like to see what adventure we’re doing please subscribe to this news letter above.  If you’d like to plan out your future ideas – or network with other parents / providers find Mi Families on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube…


If your looking for an easy curriculum to adapt for your home or center contact Mother Goose Time! Most of the pics above showcase activities utilizing their “Discover the Desert” curriculum (which included extra Easter activities this month) … Mi Families and Adventure Academy utilize many curriculums and resources to help individualize programs for all the children and their families that participate.  Mi Families is for ALL families and ANYONE who works with families

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