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Putting FUN in FUNctional

Mi Families (“my families”) facilitates various events and workshops for families (and those who work with families).  One program we host is called “Fun Fam” ~ but all our programs incorporate the “Fun Fam” philosophy.  What does that mean? Well,

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Proactive and Preventative Parenting

We’ve been dissecting each of the Mi-Resolutions 1by1.  Have you been reading them? Taking the challenges? We are a fourth of the way through 2014 – are you reaching your goals? Our first resolution was to “Tell yourself that you

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learning to be a healthier me

Mi School’s focus is to encourage a love for learning.  During Valentines I rambled about falling in love with knowledge ~ and to do that you should start with learning about yourself. If becoming a smarter and stronger you is

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Resolution #1 – Tell yourself that you DON’T haveta stick to your SCHEDULE: Mi Families programs encourage schedules and routines, BUT not at the expense of your anxiety level! Schedules and routines can help you predict what’s to come and

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making schedules = reaching goals

Wow does time fly by quickly when you’re busy!  Sorry it’s been so long since we last posted a blog.  No reason is good enough not to keep up w/ informative articles for you, but the reason is that Mi

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Ideas and questions are rolling in and its’ hard to pick where to continue, but since a couple parents latched on to the kids taking care of their own belongings – we’ll go that direction. In the LAST BLOG I

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Subscriber Homework

Homework.  Our kids have it and so should we.  Like I said in the last blog “we never stop learning.”  And apparently some of you want to learn about organization. So, I went back to the learning board myself –

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It takes a village

“It takes a village” was a thought commented on by many after the last blog.  Parents and providers have been discussing the importance of the sense of village.  They have agreed that the village includes family, friends, neighbors, and communities

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